Monday, 27 January 2014


(Dress: Nylii, Shoes: Charles and Kieth, Sunglasses: Miu Miu)

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Oh my word, hi! Were you worried I’d been abducted? Robbed? Slashed at the throat? No? Well, that’s not very comforting for me. Either way though, I wasn’t, so he ha ho. I disappeared off the face of the Blogosphere imminently, to take care of some personal business. But I could not resist the urge to return and show off some of my the new gems that currently inhabit my closet. 

One such being; this incredibly beautiful turtle-neck dress from what has now become one of my absolute favorite online shopping portals: The dress is incredible luxe, it's chic, it's versatile, and above all, doesn't require me to shave my legs.


I have always maintained that a woman's elegance and beauty remains within the confines of her modesty (see Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly). is an online store for the modern, modest dressing woman.  Created by Nyala Chahine, who also happens to be a dear friend to me, Nylii offers pieces that are both chic and demure, and aim to fill the large gap that, until now, existed for women who want to be trendy but modest. The unique pieces are a perfect collaboration of Western style and a demure of Eastern dress code. 

Right now, Nylii is offering a 25% discount on all patterns and prints this week! So hurry, before I unleash my wrath upon you!

Friday, 25 October 2013


 (Photos by Zahra A.)


Top & Skirt: Tibi/ Bag: Valentino/ Heels: Nine West/ Sunnies: Christian Dior


Many of you know my friend Zahra as the peasant photographer for Besides performing my bidding in the pictorial department, Zahra also offers me advice, from time to time, on the outfits that she helps photograph. In this particular case, Zahra retorted that the proportions of my entire attire were so off and ill-fitting (abstract clothing anyone?) that it would never attract any member of the Y-chromosome species. This incident immediately reminded me of an article written by Pheobe about dressing to please men, which I share below:


"Recently, I speculated about the relationship between, on the one hand, the ubiquity of ever-younger, ever-thinner high-fashion runway models, and, on the other, the male gaze.  The runway waif is not what most men would consider ideal, but most men probably do want (or feel they ought to want) women thinner and younger than are readily available to them. The waif is thus chosen not as a type with a great sex appeal to men, but rather as an exaggerated version of what insecure women feel they ought to look more like, for Society, but also, in more banal terms, for men.

In other words, even if we can readily agree that high fashion is not about pleasing men, it does not exist in an entirely unrelated sphere. The image of the preadolescent gamine isn't a straightforward reflection of What Men Want, or, for that matter, of what women want to look like, but more like a distorted one. It's not, as popularly understood, that the high-fashion build is something that women or gay men happen to prefer. It's about selling clothes, perfumes, a brand, and the typical female consumer probably does think she'd be more attractive if younger and thinner.

But we are meant to understand that fashion (and no, Victoria's Secret, despite the runway format, doesn't count) is about women trying to impress other women, or, in more homophobic than misogynistic interpretations, about women adhering to the oppressive standards set for them by some cabal of gay men. Straight men, meanwhile, are more than happy to explain, at every opportunity, that they don't care if women wear high heels or makeup. In fact, enlightened beings that they are, they're concerned for the women who spend unnecessary time and money on their appearances, who go around uncomfortable. They will tell us that they prefer a natural-looking woman (a 22-year-old bikini model) to an overly done-up one (a 45-year-old with whom they'd actually have a shot at getting a date).

They will ignore that, in telling us this, they're missing the broader picture, which is that women need not make all or any such choices according to what will please men. There are a good number of women out there who are for whatever reason (monogamously coupled, single but not looking, lesbian) not particularly trying to attract any men sexually; of the subset of women who are, there's no reason to think they care what you, random dude on the Internet, would go for.

My earlier thoughts on this topic were that high fashion serves as a break of sorts from the male gaze. That it's liberating, kind of, to wear your nails blue, your hair pink, your heels chunky (and for those not big on fashion, these things may sound "alternative," and certainly didn't originate on the runways, but they all make their way there), because it looks cool, heck, because you saw it on a fashion blog, but not because it will increase your appeal to the opposite sex. I thought that Leandra Medine made a good, if poorly-executed, point.

But there are those pesky caveats. "Man-repelling" clothes are never actually about repelling men. They're about partially obscuring conventional "natural" beauty under an unconventional artificial exterior, as Medine herself admits. "Ugly" looks are about the contrast - the more out-there the clothes, the less out-there the features of the woman wearing them. For most women, a short enough skirt is more than adequate. But it's the rare woman who can have a line out her door while in sweats, or, for that matter, avant-garde high fashion. The miniskirt, the carefully-applied makeup, the perfectly-done hair, these signal, in this framework, that one is not in possession of traits that, alas, are destined to allure.

So is it no-win? Dress to please men, and you're dressing to please men. Dress not to please men, and you're really just distinguishing yourself from the kind of women who require a looks-boost from their artifice, announcing that you're so good-looking that you can get away with pink eyeliner and frizz. A bind indeed. The obvious answer would be to simply not phrase things in terms of the male gaze, but surely that's too straightforward."


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Friday, 11 October 2013


Photos by Zainab T.

(Dress: Dianne Von Furstenburg/ Blazer: Zara/ Bag: Coach/ Heels: Nine West)

Have you ever worn white after labor day, and found that death came for you in the form of menzies or dog shit? Me too. I like to think myself as a logical and level-headed lady, save for my permanent periods of psychosis, but I cannot help but wonder if certain superstitions hold meaning. 


We've all heard these bizarre old wives tales that are passed on through generations; that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, an apple a day keeps a doctor a way, and a black cat crossing your path will hail bad luck. I then contemplated, by scratching my head, chin, and private parts until they were raw and bloody, if such frivolous superstitions also hold true when it comes to fashion.  


For example, I've had several friends claim that they had experienced ill-luck when they wore certain colors, namely black, or that certain pieces of jewellery inhabited magical qualities of the amulet variety that brought them good luck.I, too had an unlucky winter coat; every time I put it on, it was freezing outside. But whatchu gonna do when it comes for you, BAD LUCK, BAD LUCK, WHAT YOU GONNA DO? This was an Inner Circle reference. Call me if you don't know what I'm talking about.


I dispelled all of these silly notions of fashion superstition(s), until death came for me in the form of this lime-green Dianne Von Furstenburg dress. I bought this dress a few months ago in Houston, and wore it the very same day I bought it, only to find ill omen befall me.  In the few hours that this dress inhabited my body, I managed to lose $900, engaged in a heated argument with a Saks Fifth Avenue employee, resulting in a permanent ban for me in the said store (LOLZ, I'm such a badass yo), chipped my front tooth right down the middle, was fined a speeding ticket for $400, and then proceeded to burn the said DVF dress when I later ironed it that night. 

Now, I don't know if this bad luck befell me because I failed to forward a chain mail to 10 of my closest friends from the night before, but one could hypothesize that Lady Furstenburg is out to get me. I knew this lime dress was trouble when it walked in, so shame on me now! TROUBLE, TROUBLE, TROUBLE?

So, do you have any articles of clothing that bring you good/bad luck? Anyone step on a crack to break your mother's back? Anyone? Anyone? Yes? No? Ok, bye.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fanny Packin'

The Hands-Free Guide to Enjoying your Limbs


 Photos by Zainab T.


(Jacket: Vintage/ Pants: Topshop/ T-shirt: Maison Scotch/ Bag: Coach/ Bracelets: Hermes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, BCBG/ Shoes: Zara)

Oh my word, hi guys!!! Were you worried I’d been abducted? Robbed? Slashed at the throat? No? Well, that’s not very comforting for me. Either way though, I wasn’t, so he ha ho. 


Now now, I know what you're all wondering; that the season for florals and colors has long surpassed us as the dreary days of Fall lie on the horizon. However, it is just the beginning of summer-time in the Southern Hemisphere of planet Earth, and why not take our learnings from the Northern Hemisphere summers and cascade it down to our friends with reverse flushing toilets? 


As so eloquently encapsulated in Exhibit A above, I'm wearing a leather Coach fanny-pack over my Northern (or Southern, depending on how you're coming at it) Sanctuary. 

That's right, folks! If there's anything we've learned from this past summer, and subsequently, from the FW '13 Fashion Shows, it's that fannies are in, and hands are out. This Coach piece is designed with a belt loop at the back so you can wear it as a chic fanny pack or a cross-body bag; allowing your arms and hands the freedom they so vehemently desire. Think of all the great things your hands desired to do, but were previously bound by purse handles and such. And if you can't think of any, here's a hands-free guide to enjoying your upper body limbs:


Look! My hands are free! I am now free to engage in obscene gestual poses that aids in terrifying the innocent on-lookers (see the lady on the train behind me).



Practicing for an audition on Dancing with the Stars. Listen guys, we are fashion bloggers. We lead busy lives.  Between being photographed by street style photographers and returning all the clothes we bought just to be photographed in, ain't no body got time to break a move! Fanny-packin' allows us to multi-task; the now unshackled arms and legs are free to bust out a move at any given time. You can twerk, werq, teach someone how to do the Dougie, hell, you can even do the Macarena. Go ahead and try these dance moves with a conventional hand-bag. I double dog dare you. 


Put your hands in your pants. Where our hands were previously occupied by carrying bulky purses; they are now free to move about your body as you please. Not only are hands in the pockets directly synonymous with being chic, but can also be utilized for the manipulation of your fun zone. I call them: pleasure me pockets.



 Acting like a Bo$$. There's no better use of arms than to fold them in a manner (and thusly stimulating much needed blood circulation, previously halted by the burdens of shoulder/hand bags) that says that you belong to the cast of The Sopranos family, or alternatively, you're a douchebag. 

 Communicate with the world more seamlessly. This is how I reel in the mens.


...And if the reeling in of the mens fails, see same sex. I can now utilize my newly untanged arms and hands to greet and acknowledge my fellow Earthlings (see also: repairing damaged relationships).

Lifting heavy objects. My purse is so secure on the said fanny that I can now utilize my upper body limbs to lift items of the wheel and anchor variety (upper body strength of a kitten notwithstanding). Here are three separate ways to engage your now freed limbs in heavy haul lifting, and thusly, impress the mens with your newly formed biceps.

Shooting your opponents. I think I speak on behalf of all my readers when I say that I'm aiming for the likes of Chiara Ferragni and other Creme-of-the-crop fashion bloggers.

This is pretty self-explanatory, but the days of starvation and malnutrition are behind us. Why have one drink, when you can have two?


Enjoying a tete-a-tete with extra-terrestrial objects (or other inflatable items that resemble a p3n!5).  E.T. no longer has to face neglect and call home on it's home. Additionally, I can now prepare for E.T. : The Musical. Eat your heart out, Spielberg. 

And while we're on the subject of Spielberg.. HEY BRUCE!

Also a versatile use for the said limbs; waving your country's flag in honor. Here's to you, Canada, the land of extremely hard nipple weather and Justin Bieber infestation.


Hands may also be utilized to nurture objects of  nature. Or perhaps your children, who had previously been neglected for the Celine Boston Luggage.

So tell me, what will you be utilizing your unchained hands for?

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Thursday, 5 September 2013



Dress: Asos/ Heels: Miu Miu

As some of you maybe aware, I turned a quarter of a century old at the end of July. I celebrated my milestone birthday this past weekend in a classic garden tea party; celebrating both my birthday and the un-wiring of my jaw post-jaw surgery 8 weeks ago.  This is one of those rare occasions where I'll let the influx of pictures speak for themselves, without any 'fashion' commentary (mostly because I have nothing to say, other than the fact that I had a kickass party). Enjoy!

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